Analyze your information like never before, from a geographic perspective in the cloud.

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With MapDrive you can analyze your information from a geographic perspective in the cloud. Knowing where your clients are located, segmenting them geographically, understanding your competition, discovering the surroundings of your best sales points. All of this is highly important for making better and smarter decisions in your business.

Create your own maps

Load, normalize, and georeference your information to analyze it from a geographic perspective.

  • Importation and exportation of data
  • Helper shapes
  • Customization of graphic styles
  • Conditional visualization styles
  • Clustering
  • Heatmaps
  • Filters
  • Zone searcher by criteria
  • Isochrones

Analyze and Enrich with Mapcity

Use the analysis layers that Mapcity provides and the most advanced spatial analysis tools in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

  • Socio-demographic data (census)
  • Family consumption by types of cost categories
  • Points of interest
  • Socioeconomic groups
  • Political-administrative divisions
  • Flood risks
  • Business intensity
  • Regulatory drawings
  • Real estate supply

Share and collaborate in a secure way

Working in a team is always better and at Mapcity we know it. Share your maps and analysis in editing mode to build them collaboratively. Already finished and want to share the results? Share your maps in visualization mode and spread the value of your analysis.

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