Plan and optimize your logistics in the field, saving resources and balancing the workloads of your work teams.

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FieldManagement helps you schedule and optimize your teams in the field and prioritize their visits, allowing you to save resources and/or balance workloads.


This is for all companies that do work in the field and need to improve and optimize their resources and response times.







How does it work?

Balancing the workload

It distributes the workload considering the available team in order to execute the plan, taking into account their abilities, displacement, and visit durations.

Optimizing the visits

We define the optimal order of the visits to be carried out in order to minimize the distance and duration of each route, taking into consideration the time slots that must be utilized for each visit to ensure compliance.

Improving displacement time estimation

We utilize historic displacement speed information through the road system in order to define a realistic visit schedule, allowing for ensured compliance of your daily plan.

Coordinating and monitoring in real time with Macycity Life and Navego 360

Mapcity Life and Navego 360 allow for the allotment and communication of visit schedules to each team member in the field. Additionally, with Navego you will be able to carry out monitoring of the progression of the plan in real time.

Assigning the correct person and correct place in real time

Within your team there are specialists, those who serve certain types of cases best. The daily planning allows for the specification of these cases so that they are served by the corresponding specialist.

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