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We provide georeferenced business censuses for various industries to streamline the distribution chain of our clients. We also develop special censuses tailored to each individual need.

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Knowing the amount of potential clients, where they are located, how large they are, and how they are spatially distributed in the territory are some questions that are difficult to respond to today when it comes to the retail business. The number of businesses serving the public and with a street-facing door in the Metropolitan Region has been, up till now, a figure without a definitive answer. Much more difficult to answer is where are they located, what activities are they carrying out, and what are their main characteristics.
Faced with the magnitude and importance of this necessity, Mapcity has decided to carry out the First Georeferenced Business Census in the Metropolitan Region, which will result in a unique and exhaustive registry of the existing company and business universe in the region, with more than 48 thousand blocks covered. This includes everything from the most traditional companies, such as restaurants, banks, and malls, to those that are less traditional, such as funeral homes, pawnshops, and others.


  • Identifying potential clients and non-working businesses.
  • Defining territories and structuring the sales force to optimize the commercialization and distribution of products.
  • Defining marketing activities at the sales point to increase penetration in the zone or territory.
  • Identifying one’s own presence and that of the competition to detect business opportunities.

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