Understanding the impact of the success factors associated with the locations of clients, branches, and transaction points require the appropriate tools for analysis, provided by Mapcity.

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Banking is one of the most sophisticated industries that exists, managing large volumes of sensitive customer and market information, with business offices and millions of transactions all over the world.
The increased market dynamism, both in the supply and in the demand, has defined a new consumer profile in the financial sector. This is why companies in this sector needs tools and services that allow them to grow, plan, and manage their networks and products with the highest efficacy.


  • Where is the objective market and how to capture it.
  • Where might installing a new branch or ATM be most successful.
  • How and where to achieve the maximum existing potential.
  • Where are the riskiest and/or most profitable customers.
  • Segmenting and profiling customers to carry out better marketing and customer loyalty activities.


  • Territorial statistical branch network analysis and identification of success variables.
  • Cloning of successful branches.
  • Territorial profiling of prospective clients.
  • Contact information enrichment for customers.
  • Normalization and georeferencing of addresses.

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