Who are we?

Mapcity is a Chilean company that originated in 1994 and is made up of a team of more than 80 professionals, including engineers, cartographers, geographers, analysts, database administrators, programmers, designers, and statisticians, who form a strong professional work team that specializes in serving and resolving the needs of our clients.

The Executive Director of Mapcity is Roberto Camhi Levy and our main offices are located in the El Golf region of Santiago. We also have various Call Center operations buildings in downtown Santiago, as well as representation in Perú and Colombia.

What Do We Do?

Mapcity brings more than 20 years of experience in geobusiness and geomarketing, supporting the making of decisions by highly important companies both in Chile as well as in Peru and Colombia. More than 500 clients endorse our experience and service quality.

Our applications and studies will help you discover relevant information about your business and market, which then can be integrating into the different areas of your business, such as marketing, business, logistics, collections, and more.

We offer an integrated solution, from databases, processing, and analysis, to the very contact with the client, sales, and delivery.