Mapcity is the leading company in Chile and Latam that provides location inteligence services and analysis using geographic data to discover new insights. For more than 20 years, Mapcity has been a pioneer in Chile, Peru, Colombia and other countries to introduce GeoMarketing concepts and methodologies, helping big and mid-size companies take advantage of new market perspectives. With a complete suite of platforms like MapDrive, and others, Mapcity is helping companies manage their data for a competitive edge.
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No matter your company’s industry, we have a fitting service or product to help you make better business decisions.


Understanding the impact of the success factors associated with the locations of clients, branches, and transaction points require the appropriate tools for analysis, provided by Mapcity.

Mass Consumption

We help manufacturers to get to know and efficiently choose their points of sales, which facilitates better product penetration and seller and distributor location.


With our statistical modeling ability, we are able to understand and locate current and potential clients and reduce distribution costs, impacting sales management results.


We provide tools to help with the expansion and profitability strategies of education networks, both public and private.


We provide tools to improve the making of governmental decisions.

Real Estate

Mapcity has created specific products and services for serving the real estate industry that allow for the improvement of decision making when creating new real estate projects, thereby generating a higher sales volume.


We offer intelligence tools that allow for the improvement of your expansion strategies and the service supply according to the location, as well as for the enrichment of your client databases.


Geomarketing, alongside statistical and demographic modeling, can help insurance companies with: product pricing, risk and commercialization measurement, risk accumulation, and more.

Market Studies

We provide tools that allow for the crossing of geographic data, socioeconomic demographics, and business data for analysis and consultation, in order to be able to generate all types of market studies.



Satisfied customers


Geolocation-based apps developed


Standardized million addresses


Points of interest



What do you need to resolve today? Surely we can help.

Location Studies

We know the city better than anyone. We know where your opportunities are.
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Database Marketing

We optimize the search for new customers and profile the ideal consumer for your company.

Business Census

We provide georeferenced business censuses for various industries to streamline the distribution chain of our clients. We also develop special censuses tailored to each individual need.




We provide a series of products designed to resolve habitual problems, and that are completely parametrizable and adaptable to the needs of your company.


Analyze your information like never before, from a geographic perspective in the cloud.


A unique intelligence and territorial analysis tool with demographic, social, and economic data.


Plan and optimize your logistics in the field, saving resources and balancing the workloads of your work teams.


Platform for the publication of new and used properties that helps people, agents, and developers sell and rent all types of properties.

The first addresses, places and businesses searcher in Latin America, with relevant local information, which receives more than 1 million hits per month. Mapcity is the first provider of maps and data for Google to all the Chilean territory.

Mapcity Life

Meet the new version of Mapcity, modern and 100% mobile, with information about the environment, real estate, Waze and much more.

What people say about us

  • “Mapcity’s Geographic Information System not only provided us with a general panoramic view of the locations of our ATMs and of the competition, but also allowed us to identify potential installation areas for new ATMs, along with areas for relocation and the elimination of certain defective ATMs. It is a good tool to use at the time of making decisions and assists in the profitability of the business.”
    Jessica Pinto, Banco de Chile
  • “For us, to have implemented Mapcity’s georeferencing service for Isapre CruzBlanca Mobile has helped our members, and for those who are not members, when on vacation, to know where there are branches, medical centers, or clinics in cases of emergency, and even to know where the locations of bicycle paths. All of this has made Isapre more digital, and allows us to have a higher satisfaction from our members.”
    Carla Silva, Cruz Blanca
  • “The work, together with Mapcity, allowed us to approach the business in a different way, focusing our efforts on the geographic locations where we have the best probability of success. From this experience we were able to create projects that at this time are very important for the business and that are contributing a relevant sales percentage that we were not earning because, as we are now serving clients that we were not before.”
    Benjamín Castro, Agrosuper
  • “It was a pleasure to work with the Mapcity team, as we felt they were very committed to the needs of our company, and as such everything that came from this work was successful and added value for both parties.”
    Santiago Álvarez, Parque del Recuerdo
  • “Mapcity’s geointelligence tools helped us understand in the best way who are our students and how we can offer them a better service, which directly impacted the opening of our new offices throughout Chile along with our outreach work.”
    Jorge Pizarro, Cpech
  • “At Gimnasios 02 we have entrusted our business to the territorial analysis and geointelligence tools provided by Mapcity. They have been an objectively great complementary help to our own studies for determining opportunity zones for new openings.”
    Alfredo de Goyenechea, O2 Fit
  • “With Mapcity we have generated a business relation increase with the contraction of multiple products, be it in the georeferencing studies, data enrichment tools, or carrying out specific telemarking campaigns, achieving great results that have added value to our business.”
    Patricio Zarate, Provida AFP
  • “Mapcity’s georeferencing process has allowed for the management of more homogeneous workloads between notifying staff, visualizing geographically the notifications and increasing the control of them. As a result, management has been perfected, contributing the process of continually improving this Unit.”
    Cristina López, Poder Judicial
  • “With Mapcity’s geolocation tools we have been able to identify in the most efficient manner the potential locations for Dominó stores. They provide relevant information to us for the marking of decisions in operative and business terms. Mapcity has been transformed into a strategic partner in Dominó’s growth in recent years.”
    Pablo Medina, Dominó

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